Palatine lied in wavered grand jury testimony. The mayor's brother got me to sign the waver, meeting supreme court justice Anne Burke, attorney general, Madigan and cook county states attorney Alvarez and Devine approval along with 5'500 plus others. This also met State senator's Durbin, Obama and Burris approval. I contacted all senators. No one cares.
My lawyer (the mayors brother), knew that the Palatine cop's report was false and that the cop's testimony was perjury. My Lawyer (the mayors brother) aided in the obstruction of justice. The mayor got my "email", along with 5,500? others.

My lawyer was a judge Scotillo's law bar president. The judge ruled his x bar president, mayors brother, incompetent.

The 2 assistant states attorney's knew before hand, the cops testimony was perjury and the police report was false.

I hired not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 additional lawyers. None of them could tell Scotillo nor the mayors brother, nor the prosecutor, nor the cop, that they have made a mockery out of the criminal justice system. Or say, they should be ashamed of them selfs. They created a "you owe me" Scotillo. BesidesAlveraz is the matriarch of the Chicago bar and Scatillo's wife the matriarch of her law bar. If the judge tells you to threw a case or your not going to practice law, I guess a sleaze ball lawyer, has to obey.

I contacted every federal judge down town, every lawprofessor in Illinois, no body cares, but me?

The cops were high on drugs during court, or plain & simple, knew there were no penalties for his criminal conduct.

The cop didn't know the color of my car, the road he's on, the town he's in, higher than a kite. All the other cops went along with it. The shift commander? is now the Chief of Inverness. The chief I think was the one who's kid tortured some one, into a false confession with Alveraz, Madigan, the mayor, village council, council of the council, village manager approval, shoot, it seems with every ones approval. Authorized human right violations. Obama and Durbin, didn't say any thing, i guess it's OK with them. Does it not make them accessories to torture? Madigan and the mayor of Palatine are for sale, call it a campaign contribution or a consulting fee. Blogo talks about it and goes to jail. Like I said in a post, blago should have beenMayor of Palatine.

I think email about a cover-up and obstruction of justice adds federal crimes, to the whole mix. But then, I contacted theFBI, they don't care also.

One of the village council members emailed me and said he don't like my blogs..... not going to change a thing, but don't like my blogs, same with the manager there has been email between the manager and village council. There were a few other return communications. with in the 5,500 emails.

a few visitors came from
this site and this site and this site

5 years go by, nothing changed, except more lies, false documents and perjury, if this ain't terrorism, organized crime, than what is? The Gov and his crime commission are accessories. Senator Obama nor Durbin cares, nor the 98 others. I contacted them all.

Just think, this crap, goes on every day, day in and day out, non stop. The damage to our society, our nation, the world, is incompressible. You think the village manager is clean?

I think it's important to be honest, truthful, respectful, to know right and wrong, to be kind to others, neighborly and helping others is a good thing. It seem, I'm just about the only one that thinks this way and I will keep thinking this way. Just because every one else is a crook, has no morals, dishonest, that don't mean I have to be or, the next guy.
Village ordered perjury to grand jury

Palatine mayors Schwantz, Mullins and Tatooles, obstructed justice, KNOWINGLY allowing perjured testimony and false evidence from the Village of Palatine, Village council, Village police department to go before a Grand Jury.

With the ADDITIONAL approval of Alvarez, Madigan, Quinn, Scotillo, federal, state and county judges, law bars, law professors, and about 5500 others. Quinn's crime commission knew about this, Devine and Obama.


What kind of justice system is this? Every Untied States senator knows about this,


I don't think it is right and look what happens to me.

Welcome to Palatine

visit at your own risk

If you ask me, this guy to the right, is as dirty as they come ----------------------->

A forensic examiner, investigating the mayor, has vanished into thin air. She's said to have been fired by the Attorney General office and the Schiller Park police department doesn't know her whereabouts either.

Moral of the story is, make a campaign contribution and you can, buy your self a worthless politician, cop, judge or a Attorney General. Give a bribe and call it a consulting fee on your tax.

All legal, all go to church, all hold babies, all got their hands in each other's pocket. All cover their backs. All got the dirt on each other. If one goes, they all go.

The American public has a bad case of the Stockholm syndrome?

Legalized organized crime. Home grown terrorist.

In God we trust?

God, the heavens, karma (what ever you want to call it), give people tests,

many time people fail,
don't believe in God (any God),
don't believe in law and order,
don't believe in honesty, truthfulness,
don't have a conscience,
don't have morals,
don't have ethics,

Many of these people are running the country. I have provided a test, and the results are ugly. These powerful people "successful according to name tags" but failures in every other sense.

I contacted every church in town. Nothing, just like Drew Peterson's wife. Nothing.

These people are proud of their positions and un Godly manor. There is no shaim.

.Honor or Honour (see spelling differences), (from the Latin word honos, honoris) is the evaluation of a person's trustworthiness and social status based on that individual's espousals and actions. Honour is deemed exactly what determines a person's character: whether or not the person reflects honesty, respect, integrity, or fairness. Accordingly, individuals are assigned worth and stature based on the harmony of their actions, code of honour, and that of the societyat large. Honour can be analysed as a relativistic concept, i.e., conflicts between individuals and even cultures arising as a consequence of material circumstance and ambition, rather than fundamental differences in principle. Alternatively, it can be viewed as nativist — that honour is as real to the human condition as love, and likewise derives from the formative personal bonds that establish one's personal dignity and character..

Did Schwantz and his goon squad do this?

Did Schwantz do this?
Did Alvarez do this?
Did Madigan do this?
Did Quinn do this?
Did Burke do this?

All I want is truth and honesty. Every one is trying to destroy me, because I want to save this country, this society, from certain death. Killing me, wiping me off the face of the earth, wont change a thing.

I got more lawyers, cops, government agencies, looking at my blogs, figuring a way to shut me up. Without upsetting the corruption cart or throwing one of them selfs in jail. Like I AM THE PROBLEM? They are looking at the wrong person.

.I am not the enemy.

I'm trying to fix something, the only good thing that ever came out of Gov Quinn's mouth

"When I see something wrong, I roll up my sleeves and try to fix em"

Unless truthfulness, honesty, moral values, honor, respect, responsibility, love and kindness. comes back, this planet, this country, will self destruct.

This is not going to change a thing. I will continue to help (if possible) however/whoever I can. I will continue to give, love, share, be neighborly and maybe, just maybe, I will win. People may follow suite, wars might stop, killing might stop, people might start to love and respect each other.

The path of self destruction is not a good thing.

If you don't know what honor or moral values are..... look it up in the dictionary. It's a good thing.

is this his wife?

Question) How many times do you think immigration (confirmation # CHI-09-25526) said yesterday, this bartender in Palatine, can do the following things to his wife? rape, beat, punch, force oral sex, abuse, threaten her, to have the police take her away, threaten to her, to have immigration take her away and be deported, threaten to beat and punch her more, additional intimation, humiliate, have arrested, beat more, makes her work 3 jobs, takes her pay checks, forces her to clean the apartment, wash his cloths, cooks his meals, brings other women over to the apartment, sleeps, have sex, get drunk, parties with them, takes his wife's keys, locks her out of their apartment (both names on lease), into the cold, makes her sleep in her car, makes her wait in the car or a street corner, until he's finished, makes her walk to work, makes her pay all the bills, support him, give him spending money, denies her access to her religion and threatens to kill her if she says any thing to any one? Before he can have her legally deported, conditional green card revoked?

Answer) "As many times as he wants. He is American citizen / she is not, we believe him not her. She has no rights in this country". The legal Assistance Foundation 2 blocks away, agreed, with the immigration officer (I was not allowed, to be apart of that meeting).

Beat her almost to death, for refusal of anal sex or oral sex. Deport her, with any sexually transmitted disease, HIV, a broken neck, leg, arm, maybe a eye socket or 2. Its a he said, she said, he has rights, she don't.

God, I think, in any religion gave every one the same equal rights. But Immigration and the American government says otherwise.

Nobody seems to care what a drunken man that weighs 150 pounds more than a 100 pound woman can do in a fit of rage.

The reality of The American way.

The basic human rights, of dignity, respect and worth are not a option. These are the cold hard facts. I think there is a major, problem, nobody cares other than a little lip service.

This woman 5', 100 pounds, was in a State university at 14, received her degrees at 18 (Harper College said the are equivalent of Bachelors degrees), Speak fluent (degreed in) 4 languages (Russian, Turkish, German and English), she can communicate, conduct a conversation in Spanish and French also. Has additional degrees in fine arts. Had teaching certificate at 19, was teaching at 20. Now as a battered and abused spouse of a American citizen, she has no rights as a human being, as a legal immigrant. Beaten, raped and humiliated every day is legal in the USA, Palatine, Illinois. This is the Law of the United States Government and there is nothing any one can do about it. She is scared, terrorized, afraid, alone and help less. I try to help. I had tears in my eye, yesterday. The worst days of her life was to come to this country. Now she is a slave, she don't know if and when her husband will murder her, today, tonight, tomorrow. When the police or immigration will take her away. She pays taxes, keeps quite or else, she is a broken women that wouldn't hurt a fly, her heart was riped out of her, trashed and it's legal. She has been married for 18 months to this creep.

.Welcome TO the real USA.

Foot note) What is she going to do? Call a Palatine cop? That has the blessing of the Village council, Village manager, Judge Scotillo (and his law bar), his boss, the attorney general, Madigan, Alveraz (and her law bar), every law proffessor in Illinois, every federal judge down town, the crime commission with the Gov, every senator in this country, the president of USA (his office contacted as senator), for a Palatine cop to alter, manipulate, provide a false report, to lie, perjure, obstruct, cover up. Let's not forget Baker.

Heck the police chiefs kid admitted to extracting a false confession (torture?, how else to you extract a false statement from some one?). Haas (the police chief of Inverness) was helping, cleaning up the mess? Then there's the $125k and Tatooles (fishy to me).

Maybe the cop she would or could call, or the cop sent over to protect her, is taking the photo?

Maybe one of the cops (more than once), that mauled down a pedestrian (on more than one occasion), in town, was leaving this bar or on their way to.

There is no justice, justice has been re named the boys club, organized crime, home grown terrorist with a badge.

You think mayor Schwantz is running a tab at this place also? For the good ole boys? Maybe one of the council members are on the other side of the bar.

Where you got Schwantz, you got Mullins and Tatooles and the 3500 other people I contacted for help. No one gives a shit, no one cares........ but me, I care.

How many cops do you think are behind the camera, falling off the bar stools with their pants down to their ankle, riped out of their tree? How many unmarked squad cars out side? Did he call em and tell em, I got some hot chicks ready to go or was this a regular night for the boys?
We stopped by John's place talked to Helaina, she said you got to call him up, do what ever he wants and after it's all over, when he's done with you, maybe he will let you stay in this country, maybe not. This is the only choice you have.

She called this creep, using my phone, begging him, she would give him any thing, do anything he wants, but, please don't f..k up my life, she's sorry. He said Fuc* you, bitch and hung up the phone. I could not believe my ears.

This is a good, honest, women, makes my blogs seem so insignificant.

I let scum bags, know they are scum bags, I let the good know they are good.

tired, a very tuff day, Immigration letting her know, her life is not even worth spit

A tuff day. Coming home on the blue line from a day at immigration. Her husband can continue to beat, rape, oral sex or I kill you, punch, abuse, any thing he wants, break her legs, arm, neck, kill her. When he's done and satisfied, he can have her deported. This is the law. She has no rights. I had tears in my eyes.

Palatine raped me with the blessings of many, no body cared.

I got a good idea, but not close, what she's going threw. Nobody cares, but me.

He has started the deportation process against her.

in the mean time......
the Palatine High School choir perform at the White House

Nobody in this town, state or country gives a shit, I wounder what Moscow would say.

At 20 years old, a school teacher (a gifted, child whiz kid), that could speak, read and write 6 different languages with university diplomas at the age of 18. Nobody has seen her draw or paint (I have), she is a incarnated Van Gogh.

This is 95 pounds of God given talent. I would bet, with another 4 years, she could speak, read and write in 6 more languages. Heck there is no telling what she could achieve. I would bet she could fly threw law school in a year if she wanted, paint a mural on the side of a mountain, commercial artiest, police sketch artiest, school teacher, acting school (she would like to try), you name it, this woman is on a different wave length.

.The deportation process is under way..

His own sworn testimoney and wrtten statements with US Immigration, are the completely opposite, documents he filed at the Rolling Meadows court house. He is liable for, perjury in a federal court, perjury in a state court, false documents. Public documents, that are on record, that cannot be disputed, but who cares?

Any one can probably prove the black mailed that married woman he was banging (took pictures of her legs spread wide open) or is this bar talk, only. Is he also a pathological lier?

Then there is the 208.333 gallons a month of booze he drinks......... by his own admission. Don't take much to, probably, prove he's a alcoholic. There for, has the incapacity to make a rational decision, there for, what ever he does is OK? No law against being a alcoholic.

Her crime, is, a year and half of sexual, physical and mental abuse, by her American spouse, who threatened her with brutality or murder, if she spoke to the authorities..

What good would it do any way? She told me what immigration would say and she was right. I told her about village cops and false documents, reports they give to the courts and how the village council helps to cover em up. How the states attorney, attorney general, the judges, governor helps to conceal. And besides, this guy probably gets em all drunk and treats them to other stuff.

That a cop is probably not your friend.

Her crime was coming to America and believing in this country.

She is a gift from God to man (she don't know it, nor does any else). What a waste.

Does any one want to know about Irina? and her deportation, we could find her, back in Russia. I'm sure, she has similar stories. How many Russian immigrant have been beat, raped, threatened?

.Palatine, home of legalized Serial rapist of female immigrants - 3 or more separate events, with a emotional cooling off period.

She did go to the Palatine Police. In essence they "said come back after he kills you, then we'll take a report and if your to dead to talk, that's the breaks".

Piss flows down hill. I think we all get the picture.

Schwantz and his goon squad of cops

Schwantz love's his family?

but has no problem being a king pin of organized crime............ Blogo should have been mayor of Palatine

A man with out morals, compassion, love for other human beings

This women went to his Police department seeking help and they said we aint, you aint going to file a report until your dead, beat up, killed, murdered, maimed, so get lost.

This is the policy of Mayor Schwantz and the village council along with obstruction of justice, perjury, giving false documents to a court of law, bribe taking, extortion, cops high on drugs, a fire department, village manager, every other branch of government, gives across the board approval, you name it, what ever type of disgrace there is in a village, its right here.

This woman has a IQ of a genius, and was told her life aint worth spit.

These are the laws of Jim Schwantz and his village council.
These are the laws of the Obama and the American government.

if Jerzierski aint a crook, I'll eat my shorts

You mean to say mayor Mullins, the village council, Ottesen or nobody knew about this? What about the village events in which Spizzirri represented/replaced mullins?

In October 2006, Annabel was charged with destroying SALF's files, among them financial records. Those charges were entirely based on claims made by SALF's founder/president Carol J. Spizzirri of Grayslake, IL. According to multiple news reports, Spizzirri has a history of serious fabrications, including the false claim that she is a Registered Nurse; that she worked as a renal transplant nurse in a Milwaukee hospital; and that she earned a BSN degree from a Wisconsin college whose name she misspelled on her CV. According to a recent sworn affidavit, in 1985 a Milwaukee court-ordered psychologist, Dr. Burton S. Silberglitt, diagnosed Spizzirri as "paranoid schizophrenic."

Nevertheless, based on Spizzirri's word, the offices of Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan and the Cook County Prosecutor have indicted her. Facts indicate they have done so in order to cover-up SALF's longstanding relationships with powerful political cronies and funders. These include Attorney General Madigan and her father Mike Madigan, longtime IL House of Representatives Speaker of the House and Chairman of the Democratic Party of Illinois.

After more than three years of such legal harassment, this site was launched in an attempt to bring public attention to this abuse of the legal system. Illinois taxpayers may wonder why the state's top law enforcement officer and Cook County Prosecutor Anita Alvarez are expending so much time and public money to prosecute this trumped-up case against her rather than investigate what happened to the millions of tax dollars that went to the Save-A-Life Foundation.

Chiefs kid tortures innocent persons and gets paid for it


How about if his buddies in the police department extracted a false confession from Jezierski?

Let us watch as the police chiefs kid make Jezierski confess to a home invasion, across town.

Its legal. also has approval of Alvarez, Madigan, Burris andDevine

Is Jezierski such a idiot, he has no idea what human rights are?


To me, Jezierski seems to be a, war criminal, to participate, pay, employ, cover up, to have knowledge, of police extracting false confessions from innocent people


Maybe get the Chicago cops to help.

Jezierski has no problem with a cop that lies to his face, if the fire department provided false documents, a cop obstructs justice, the mayor and a cover up, bribery, extortion, blackmail, and he goes to church? Maybe with the rest, they all might sit together.

I don't think he is a pillar of good things in the community. It is amazing how this guy can stay in office, out of jail for so long......hummmmm..... called the good ole boys.

Chief Bratcher, his kid, all who aided, then partook in the cover up of torture, used by by the Palatine Police department

U.S. Law Prohibits Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment

Any practice of torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment by United States officials violates international human rights standards to which the United States is a party. These include the Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (the Torture Convention), and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.1

The use of torture also violates U.S. law. In 1994, Congress passed a new federal law which specifically provides for penalties including fines and up to 20 years' imprisonment for acts of torture committed by American or other officials outside the United States. In cases where torture results in death of the victim, the sentence is life imprisonment or execution.2

"Renderings" to countries known to engage in routine torture violate article 3 of the Torture Convention, which prohibits sending an individual to another state where there are "substantial grounds for believing that he would be in danger of being subjected to torture."3 Such transfers, and even credible threats of such transfers, made to combatants detained in an armed conflict also violate article 17 of the Third Geneva Convention, which provides that "[n]o physical or mentaltorture, nor any other form of coercion, may be inflicted on prisoners of war to secure from them information of any kind whatever. Prisoners of war who refuse to answer may not be threatened, insulted, or exposed to unpleasant or disadvantageous treatment of any kind" (emphasis added). Indeed, if committed against persons protected by the Geneva Conventions, "torture or inhuman treatment.[or] willfully causing great suffering or serious injury to body or health," would all constitute "grave breaches" under the Geneva Conventions.4

Schwantz takes charge of malarkey, public dishonesty and deception

. .“Patent Malarkey”: Public Dishonesty and Deception:

It seemed like Jerry Bratcher had it made. As chief of Police, his salary was $80,000 a year, and he oversaw an 80-man department ranked as one of the best in the country. He had set up lucrative outside consulting businesses analyzing other suburban police departments. And the taxpayers were paying for his drinks, lunches and dinners. No one would question any of it since he had also become a consultant to Micro Aseptic—run by the three village trustees who also ran the police and fire committee. That, together with his strong personal relationship with Mayor Rita Mullins, compromised any real oversight of the Palatine Police Department by the village government. It was all carefully hidden from the taxpayers in a maze of governmental paper buttressed by a village government who fought any citizen attempt to access these financial records.

Jerry Bratcher had created his own Feudal kingdom in Palatine.

Sure, there were a few underlying problems. His consulting and Micro Aseptic sales both depended heavily on the the goodwill of other suburban chiefs. So he had to constantlystroke them while at the same time hiding from them the true nature and extent of his business dealings and how they might affect the other chiefs. While bragging about the academic achievements of his men, he failed to mention he hired five or six chief’s kids — including his own. He also failed to mention he lost $125,000 in an Ponzi scheme which traded commodities.

Bratcher’s kingdom rested on a fragile foundation. He became a prisoner of his own propaganda. He had to constantly exaggerate and puff his own accomplishments and those of his police force to keep his outside business interests rolling. Thus, Bratcher pushed membership in the Northwest Police Academy (NWPA), argued for CALEA accreditation, and promoted the use of the Northern Illinois Police Crime Lab (NIPCL). He couldn’t stop making his sales pitch.

Bratcher also became a prisoner of his own sales pitch.

Bratcher ingratiated himself with his fellow chiefs and promoted his business interests at the same time. The chiefs provided a potential market of more than 100 suburban police forces to which he could offer his consulting services or sell his line of Micro Aseptic products, which could provide everything for a police department from soap to special shoes. Bratcher founded the NWPA, a forum which enhanced the international reputation of the Palatine Force and himself. He later used the academy to branch out into politics endorsing his friend Jack O’Malley. Indeed, Bratcher had employed a full-time PR person for his small-time Police Department. Additionally, the sons of various police chiefs were employed by the Palatine Police Department.

It was working. Eventually, Good Housekeeping magazine would cite the Palatine Police Department as one of the 10 best in the nation. On paper, Bratcher had a superior department. Palatine was not just the normal, under-equipped suburban police force. Many chiefs told us the crime at Brown’s Chicken and Pasta on January 8, 1993 was a terrible tragedy. But “thank God it happened in Palatine.” They knew Bratcher worked with CALEA, which certified suburban police departments, but were unaware that his CALEA connection was at the heart of the Good Housekeeping ranking.

Jerry Bratcher had carefully constructed a house of cards. It was held together by the spiderweb of personal relationships he had built with other chiefs and with the village government. An unsuspecting media and citizenry stood by, never noticing the personal stakes Bratcher had invested with the mayor, village board, and state’s attorney’s office. No one ever questioned any of them about their objectivity or the inevitable conflicts which grew out of these relationships. No one questioned any of them about their non-governmental business. Bratcher was employed as a consultant by three of the village trustees who ran Micro Aseptic.Because of his business relationships with the trustees and his long personal relationship with the mayor, he had effectively neutralized anyone who would be in a position to question his conduct. That connection which James Madison and Thomas Jefferson thought crucial—between the citizens and their elected representatives and “employees”—was crushed. .
. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Bratcher also receives payments for services from Micro Aseptic, making at least $5,000 in consulting fees in 1995 alone. Bratcher used his considerable reputation and economic clout to help Micro Aseptic sell products to other police chiefs. In one instance, Bratcher used the NWPA as a platform to introduce Micro Aseptic’s products and services. As he had at other occasions, Bratcher introduced Jack Wagner of Micro Aseptic as an expert in combating blood-borne pathogens. He vouched for Micro Aseptic’s integrity and effectiveness. However, he did not reveal his continuing economic relationship with the company.

At the time, Micro Aseptic was owned and operated by two of Palatine’s trustees: Jack Wagner and Gregory Solberg.Wagner also chairs the public safety committee of the village board, which oversees the Palatine Police Department.The public safety committee sets salaries, approves budgets and monitors the department’s performance. Chief Bratcher’s department—along with the Lincolnwood PD—appeared in a 17-minute “police training” tape, which was essentially an infomercial for Micro Aseptic products. The tape credits the NWPA for help in production. (Note: In 1994, Bratcher served as a paid consultant for Lincolnwood as they searched for a new chief.) This is an apparent violation of Palatine’s ethics ordinance which prohibits, “use of village equipment, material or property for personal ... profit.”

Interestingly, Micro Aseptic was chosen to clean up the crime scene at Brown’s. Wager maintains that the products were provided at no charge as a public service. Skeptics have suggested that it was done for publicity.

--------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------

. December 2006

Jack Wagner, B.Sc., BPH
Director, Scientific, Technical & Regulatory Affairs
Micro-Scientific Industries Inc
1225 Carnegie St - #101
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008 USA
Telephone: - 1-888-253-2536
FAX: 1-847-454-0837
Email: .

. .

.This is, just one example, of why Palatine will not allow out side investigations.

This town's corruption has the approval of;

Illinois gov Quinn
Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan
Cook County State's Attorney Alvarez
All the Federal judges at the Northern District building
All the chief judges in Cook County
1 or more supreme court justice
about 500 other judges I contacted
the legislative branch in Springfield
Senator Burris
Senator Divine
every law professor, faculty member of every law school in Illinois
and about 4500 others

.With all of this approval, backing, it's still, up to a person's own integrity, moral belief and convictions to decide, free will to choose. Nobody is twisting any one's arm to be good or bad.

. catch a cop, in a, rape, murder, bribe, dealing drugs, any thing, like I did, report it, only to have a cover up of biblical proportion.

I am sorry to say, no matter how you look at it, .My emails prove USA is a ethically corrupt Village and much larger a whole society. A large element in our society is, above the law. Little hope for a change.

.An entire society can become ethically corrupt. Nazi Germany is a good example of a morally corrupt society. .

Mayor Schwantz, a use to be NFL player. I wounder if the NFL support or teach this crap?

The newly elected Schwantz, has shown nothing, I wasn't expecting. To me, he looks like, just another elected thug. I always wanted to know what life after foot ball was like. Maybe and likely, his fan club is all for this also, but I ain't. . .

Does Jezierski have a preferred method of torture? Did he help? Did he watch?

How do you extract a false confession from a Innocent person? (I posted a bunch of questions)

Palatine pays its cops money to do this,

worse, I would bet Steve Bratcher, has lived to torture another person, another day.

Dick Devine's office shredded a confession by another person, but used this confession by means of torture (right there in court documents)

This is a crime against humanity, this is a war crime.

I don't know what is worse:
this torture, extracting false confessions
or shredding another confession
or a cop mauling down a few residents,
or Baker taking discount for cash payments,
or top state awarded DUI cop - Wenrich hallucinating on the job,
or another top state awarded DUI cop - Hunter not noticing a thing,
or Wenrich's perjured testimony,
or Wenrich's false documents to the court,
or Tatooles, covering this up for Mullins,
or Mullins covering up for Bratcher
or Bratcher blackmailing Tatooles because of this cover up,
or Haas just sitting around making sure all goes OK,
or Village council approval
or mayor approval
or another village council approval
or another mayor's approval
or judicial approval
or Cook County D.A's approval humHappened on Daily's, Devine'swatch, now it's Alvarez watch
or Attorney General Lisa Madigan approval
or Gov Quinn's approval

There is a major problem here, I think there are more criminals in the courts, law enforcement and elected to office, than on the street. You tell me Who's involvement is more criminal than the palatine police chiefs kid and the cops that helped and cleaned up the mess. Maybe Jack and that other council man cleaned up the mess after the torture (re;cleaned up the chicken mess, as a side deal with Chief Bracher)

Jezierski approves crimes against humanity?

Simple, if they don't approve, then fire, and arrest those in the Palatine and Inverness police departments and branches that have engaged in such activity hummmmm .....

and his city council aught to wonder if the internationalcriminal court is going to take issue with police chief Bratchers son, telling the court how he makes a living extracting false confessions from his prisoners, as a Palatine Police officer. Also take issue with the City Council that permits such crimes, I hope, that will include Chicago, the county, state and all people responsible.

It is perfectly clear to me that the elected government of Palatine has aided, encouraged, over looked, covered up, these crimes and there for need an accountability by the international criminal court or equivalent.

Palatine cops on drugs with Schwantz and council approval, what else do you expect when they're up to thier neck with RiCO

the only way to prove, cops are not on drugs, is to implement a drug testing policy, by a third party, Haymarket or equivalent.

the only way, to have the mayor or city council prove they are not up to their neck with RICO and other criminal activity, is to implement a third party investigation of themself and the polcie department from or equivalent
Better Government Association
6304 N Francisco Av
Chicago. Il 60659

palatine gives RICO a new meaning

I believe Palatine is full of RICO violations (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) . .

a guy who loves dirty cops made me a blog

. .

.hummmmm..... who loves dirty cops?
Who loves cops that do not tell the truth?

Who loves cops that make false reports?

Who loves a cop that beats a confession out of you?

Who loves a cop that mauls down your neighbors kid at 3 in the morning, turns him into a vegetable, for the rest of his life?

Who loves a cop that don't have to drug testing after he mauls down some one or don't know the name of the town he's working in or his own name, often, during patrol.?

a) a fireman?

b) a mayor?

c) a village council member?

d) a cop?

e) all the above

f) none of the above

a, b, c, d, e or f?

Apparently this guy has no worry about being pulled over by a cop that is out of his mind (which reminds me, the mayors dad was shitting bricks, waiting for the day Baker would pull him over..... I guess those days are gone. To be clear, it was Wenrich that pulled me over and Hunter sitting right next to him for 2 hours, Both top state cops, riped out to their tree! Haas deputy commander? (who knows what cloud he was on) (the police report they managed to get out is all I need). These idiot's aught to have some one prof read the report before they give it out.

Hey, when you got 2 or 3 plumbers telling you it will cost $9,000 to open up your sewer line,

you know (and every else knows), that I usually charge regular price, even when a $9,000 price tag is offered me

you might like my honesty then? but your right, maybe I'm an asshole. so don't call me.

When a cop makes a police report, I expect it to be accurate. When a cop testifies on a witness stand, I expect it to be truthful.

When a cop pulls some one over, I would expect the cop to know the color car he pulled over, where he pulled me over, the name of the road he was on and the town he is in. All that good stuff.

I would not expect the police chief, fire chief, mayor, another mayor, another mayor, a couple village councils, judges, a couple law bars, the D.A.'s office, Attorney, the General office, every law professor, facultymember in Illinois and more, to think nothing of it,

which to me (a some what regular guy), suggests, this is a normal, acceptable behavior. by the ruling elite.

I say this, is a wrong acceptable behavior and they aught to beashamed of themselves.

I don't accept it, wikipedia don't accept it.

.Because, I am the only one in the village, state of Illinois and maybe, the country, that feels this way,

if this makes me a bigger asshole, then, I'm a bigger asshole.

covers up criminal activity

Who's going to arrest him, the cop he fires?

Is Schwantz a crimial with the rest of the council, accessory, obstruction of justice, criminal conspericy, wire fraud, are the dirty cops, worth it?

I would like action taken on the following;

Not limited to; corruption, obstruction, perjury, aiding and abetting, accessory, conspiracy.

That involves Jim Tatooles and possibly his brother (John Tatooles) and the Inverness village board.

That involves, but not limited to; Judge Scotillo, defense lawyers 1 - 4, assistant states attorney Chandra, Andre. Palatine police officer Wenrich, Hunter, rookie on duty at the time of case number 04-c3-30337, and Baker, lets not forget Baker, shift commander, police chief, Palatine Mayor, and Village Board, 1 retired supreme court justice, and appellate judges jj, o'malley, tully, pj, mcnulty.

Just about every other person I came across is protecting Wenrich, the list is longer than you can shake a fist at, I know who they are. I Can go much further. See blogs.

The only thing I wanted was the truth told especially, in a court of law, No body I contacted seems interested or seems to care. I care about the truth.

I would suggest some one let scotillo know about this blog with his name on it (if he has not seen it already). He might be a little up set, at me....the only guy that did not lie to his face, in his court or the only guy that has balls to stand up for what his court room is suppose to represent and lacking there of.

Now you all can come and hunt me down.

I think councilman Jezierski is a disgrace

Listen folks, I recall the few time, I watched village meetings, I saw Mullins and her village council, threaten to have citizens arrested.

The residents of Palatine were complaining that Mullins and her village council lied to them.

Mullins and her goon squad said this discussion is not on this evenings agenda, so we are not going to talk about. Sit down, be quiet or leave, or you will be arrested.

I was shocked.

From that point on as far as I am concerned, none of them are worth 2 cents, to be nicer, I along with many other were very disappointed.

Can you imagine that, Mullins and the village council, for starters should have been arrested for malfeasance. It is on video tape, I only saw it a few times, I'm sure this has happened for than a few times.

and they threatened to arrest the innocent voters.

Where is the transparency? Good government?

If you got a better name for this let me know?

I'm sure, I could find these residents maybe they have a better name?

Blagojevich, should have been mayor of Palatine

They can nab Blagojevich for talking about a bribe, but let pass, the x-Palatine mayor and others who, were paid off, took bribes, gifts, consulting fees, grants, what ever you want to call it, go free, with the help of Attorney General Madigan and her staff of lawyers, Cook County States Attorney Alveraz and her staff of lawyers, Cook County judges, Law bars, even the judge that he is in front of now, add a supreme court justice (I think that was him - that ruled in the Illinois senate kick out, but then we go into the Burke matter I reference to (someplace), in connection with Scotillo, why else in the world, would a Illinois supreme court justice play along with a crooked judge in Cook County, by the name Scotillo and his wife's law bar, about a cop that washallucinating on a traffic stop and the cover up to follow?), and the new gov and his staff of who ever?

We need judges, but we don't need judges that play hodge podge with the law, I don't know, I assume they once or twice read and said out loud, their oath to a law bar or 2 or something? Their oath to the United States Government? Did the judges, I contacted forget their oath to the United States Government?

You got to have law and order from the gut, not some piece of paper handed to you on a silver platter, once in the gut, always in the gut, if never was in the guy, it'll never be.

But, perhaps judges forget, forgot it, or just don't care any more?

Their cannon, pledge, ethics, conduct, maybe they should review (continuing education), retire or some how get fired or arrested (congress could pass a law on how to deal with corrupt judges of all kinds).

But, I contacted every state senator (see posting below) , and there don't seem much intrest on any of this, so I guess the senate don't give a hoot if a federal judge or any judge for that matter, forgot their oath, has morals or ethics, respects the law (9 to 5, or 10 to 12, or 12 to 3, full time, part time, every other day, once a week) or if a federal judge, would sleaze around with a crooked sleaze ball county prosecutor (ain't that where judges come from?).

hummmmm..... maybe mayor Schwantz will or could invite them all, add some babies, teacher unions, veterans (yea the Palatine Legion, the one's, that screwed me... (seems to be the mode ofoperandi) theft of services, with the aid of x park district leader? head? boss? (chief drunk at the bar now? or bar manager, I forgot which, maybe both), they like to liquor up war veterans, then send then on there way (Palatine's master plan), add some grand ma and pa's, mothers against drunk drivers, FOP and fire department reps, a couple other chiefs (besides a chief drunk or 2), some balloons, a band, to a photo op, with the .
WORLD FAMOUS BUDWEISER CLYDESDALES . then, perhaps, be apart of, and pound down, a few, of the 25,000 drinks per weekend quota, the village is trying to squeeze out.

.No matter what,

Sounds like a lynch mob out for Blogo, to me, but than who am I? hummmmm.....

.Blago aught to say, this was all a miss understanding, it was a consulting fee I was seeking, not a bribe. He should say, how come, those in Palatine, can take bribes and here I get the book thrown at me for talking about it, geeze Obama's wife got kick backs, and it called a bonus, Obama was giving all this free money away, what about the kick backs there? Blago's judge, received my email, so, I would think, that makes the federal judge up to his neck in wire fraud, accessory, conspiracy, obstruction of justice, cover up and a bunch of others, none the less another disgrace to the bench, court, law bar cannon, ethics, oaths he took, pledge, to serve this country. Ditto applies to every us judge in that federal court house. . (There were some post emails from several of the judges offices).

I found that Palatine has (I think) a extremely high number of tax exempt /off shore bank accounts, higher, than most other villages. hummmmm.....

Personally, I think Tatooles giving Chief Bratcher $120k (who's son in court says he extracts false confessions, as part of his job on the Palatine police force) to recommend Haas (deputy chief of Palatine) for top cop job in Inverness, hummmmm..... suspicious. Amazing what a tax write off called "consulting fee" will cover.

I would bet Bratcher (wanting some free, easy money) black mailed Tatooles, he was going to expose Wenrich's perjured testimony, that Jack's brother (my defense lawyer #1 of 5) knew about, and knowingly allowed false testimony and documents to the court, and that Jack was apart of this cover up.

How many people did Haas, the police chief of Inverness, extract false confessions from? What form of torture did he use? or because of the close FOP and union brother relation ship said nothing, still says nothing, don't think it's wrong or did Haas just watch? go get coffee? clean up the mess? take notes? Tatooles, his village council, Mullins and her village council, right there in the thick of things.

This is why Inverness residents along with Palatine residents, aught to open up their eyes, wise up and stop playing dumb. Look who is running their community and what they're doing. I don't know any where this is right, except here. in this, village, town, county, state? Citizens have to take some responsibility for being apart of the corruption, shady or what ever you want to call it, deals, that their leaders partake in. How can we or you or any one sit buy when a crooked elected official, cop, judge, is leading us down, his or hers twisted and some times lawfulpath?

Is it the real wish of the Palatine people or any level headed person, to have 25,000 drinks served in down town Palatine and let these people drive home, with the risk of killing some one?

Maybe Bratcher black mailed Judge Scotillo, assistant states attoreny Chandra and Andre also, why stop with the Tatooles brothers? He could ruin several others or make $1/2 million bucks, it's legal and he has the police force to ruff up any one that got in the way.

To expose this perjured testimony would cause major problems for the Tatooles brothers and who ever. So, Bratcher to Tatooles, give me $120k as a consulting fee, you want a top cop, you can have the deputy chief, (I'll hit Haas for a finder fee) and I will let this matter with Mars, Hunter and Wenrich pass, let you off the hook. But then, Tatooles probably figured, why should I pay this money, when I can let the saps of Inverness pay, disguise it as the catch all consulting fee. Whew, thank goodnes the board are a bunch of saps also.

I would bet Tatooles has documents that this is a one time payment or Tatooles will blackmail the blackmailer back, certainly don't want to go to the press or to the authorities (that's where, pay off problems occur, the crime gets so huge, sooner of later, no one knows, who paid who off).

The cover up is always worse than the crime, we add, accessory, conspiracy, wire fraud, cover up. Because the nature of the conspiracy, this crime is, as, it happened yesterday (statue of limitations). I was in Arizona and reported this to authorities there also.

But then I witness and reported (to Scotillo, Illinois and Arizona authorities), plotting to murder, murder for hire, insurance fraud, workman's comp fraud, labor wage fraud, extortion,immigration law violations, auto theft, workers disability fraud and nobody gave a hoot, I feel real bad for the guy that painted the curbs, that might have got his head bashed in or brains splattered all over, cause he wanted to get paid, and the other people didn't want to pay him. I notified the authorities, that I thought might make a difference (the green card Italian showed me a get out of jail card from the Mesa police chief), but nothing took place (not sure, but I would bet on it).

Done partly by a some Italians from Chicago with only green cards. Maybe they are apart ofScotillo's family?

Chicago's dirt runs very deep.

Some one could poke around and I'm sure find a bunch of other crimes that I blog about and others that yet are un known to me).

A lot of jail time and a lot of fines. The state could make a lot of money if they would clamp down on this stuff.

I can't recall if I shared this with Todd Strogers or not, maybe I should send him a link, hate to bother him though, and besides, what is he going to do, forward this to Alveraz, who is up to her neck in the same crime?

I could be reporting a murder, rape, and terror (which I think it is) and the results would be the same.

Gov Quinn, got my email, what does this make him? As far as I can tell, nothing but a 2 timing crook (once again, at least, as a member of the court he has a duty and obgligaiton to up hold the law, to take action, upon receipt of my email, he has a ethic obgligation, law bar code of conduct, a oath as a elected official), more wire fraud?

Why have laws if half the country can get away with breaking em?

It makes me wounder, maybe crime is right and right is wrong? Maybe being a dirt bag, like the rest is a good thing and that is what every one is trying to tell me. Maybe some day, I will get it, but until then, I will remain the same.

. Where would Todd Strogers go to have a crooked Alveraz arrested?.

. Where would Quinn go to have Madigan arrested? .

A assistant states attorney would probably loose their job, if they did such thing (that's assuming there are a few honest lawyers working for the state, that take the law, serious)